Fire Retardant Epoxy: Combining Safety With Performance

Fire retardant epoxies are epoxy resin systems formulated to minimize the flammability of materials, and thus reduce the longevity and spread of fire. They incorporate various additives or fillers that effectively hinder or delay combustion when subjected to heat or flames. These specialized components find widespread application in industries where fire safety is paramount, including […]

An Introduction To Conductive Epoxies

Electrically conductive epoxies are adhesive compounds that integrate the bonding capabilities and other properties of epoxy resins with electrical conductivity. Electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) are formulated to provide reliable electrical pathways while ensuring effective adhesion to various substrates. These qualities render ECAs highly suitable for multiple aerospace, automotive, medical, telecom, and consumer device applications. Conductive […]

Key Considerations in Choosing Epoxies

Epoxies are two-part thermosetting polymers that consist of a resin and a hardener. Polymerization (curing) is initiated when the resin is mixed with a hardener (sometimes referred to as a catalyst). Epoxy resins form cross-links during this process, creating a three-dimensional polymer of great mechanical strength. Epoxy resins are known for their excellent adhesion, chemical […]

How To Select the Right Structural Adhesives

Click to Expand In many industries, adhesives play a crucial role in bonding materials together. Structural adhesives are particularly well-suited for assembling and joining components that require exceptional strength and durability. Structural adhesives are an important element in the structural integrity of load-bearing and stressed assemblies during their forecast service lives. They are also often […]

How To Maintain Dielectric Strength

Dielectric strength measures the electrical insulation properties of a material or substance, which is important in electrical engineering, power generation, telecommunications, and other industries. Maintaining the dielectric strength of a material is vital to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment and systems. In dielectric breakdown, the material’s resistance decreases rapidly and becomes electrically conductive […]

What To Look For in an Epoxy Putty Stick

Click to Expand Epoxy putty sticks are highly versatile and powerful adhesives utilized for various domestic, commercial, and military repairs. These epoxy doughs are made of two parts — resin and hardener — and can be quickly blended by hand-kneading. Furthermore, the putty is moldable to any form and can be applied to virtually any […]