50 Years of Excellence

About Us

United Resin has been meeting the epoxy resin needs of our customers for over 50 years and has extensive experience with the development and manufacturing of epoxy resin systems. United Resin’s manufacturing processes are designed for consistent quality and performance. Our trained personnel prepare and develop products in accordance with high quality standards and many products meet military specifications. United Resin has an unwavering commitment to quality.

United Resin is dedicated to ongoing product development, continuing research, and collaboration with our customers to develop special products that address particular requirements. Maintaining quality and continuing product development is supported by our commitment to a substantial investment in quality assurance processes. Our objective is complete customer satisfaction.

United Resin’s trained team can help you through the entire process of epoxy resin product evaluation. From initial product selection, through testing and trials, and all the way to production line manufacturing, we are here to help. We are constantly developing new products to meet our customers’ needs and to incorporate technological advances. Our team can help you evaluate whether one of our existing product combinations will meet your needs or if a custom formulation is preferable.

United Resin sells globally. We are experienced in shipping around the world. Regardless of where you are located, we can help you.


United Resin Has a Variety of Packaging to Meet Your Needs

United Resin offers a variety of cost-effective packaging designed to meet our customers’ needs. Our packaging is intended to assure quality, performance, efficiency and profitability for our customers. We package epoxy resin solutions in cartridge, quart, gallon, pail, and drum kits.

Customer Service is Our Priority

United Resin’s trained personnel will assist you in seeking solutions to your project needs and keep you informed of emerging technologies. United Resin is proud to work with its customers to develop specialized products for their individual product design. We understand our customers’ concerns and assure continued support after shipment of an order.

Call For More Information on United Resin’s Product Line and Learn How United Resin Can Help You

To find out how United Resin products can meet your needs, please contact us. Detailed technical data sheets, material safety data sheets, samples, and details on pricing and delivery are available upon request.

United Resin is ISO 9001 Certified by NSF-ISR


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