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Epoxy and Adhesive Prototyping, Tooling and Laminating Applications

Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Tooling
Aerospace, Marine,
Automotive, Tooling
Adhesive and Specialty Systems
Adhesive and
Specialty Systems
Encapsulating and Potting Resins
Encapsulating and
Potting Resins

URC has the Right Material for Your Application

URC's products meet the needs of our customers in a variety of applications, including the aerospace, electronics, automotive, tooling, marine and construction markets. Many products meet military specifications. URC specializes in epoxies for room and high temperature tooling, adhesives, pastes, casting systems, syntactic dough, potting and encapsulating materials, SMT materials, fiber optic adhesives and COB adhesives for the electronics industry.

United Resin has the unique capability to mix and match our resins and hardeners so that you can design a specialized system to meet your particular requirements. These off the shelf combinations create over 3000 different systems to meet your stringent specifications. Some of these combinations have been successfully used in very unique applications such as:

  • B-2 Assembly Program
  • Submarine Refurbishing
  • Golf Club Construction
  • Underground Sprinkler Assembly
  • Classic Car Electronic Parts Repair
  • Granite and Stone Adhesives

In addition, United Resin has developed a very unique procedure of combining certain resins and hardeners into a single container for single use applications. This procedure eliminates all measuring and allows the user to mix and apply.

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