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Lithium Batteries – Power for the Future

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United Resin has been formulating high quality epoxy systems for more than 50 years. We have developed products for potting and encapsulating many components. We formulate epoxy systems for battery applications, including EV batteries, battery packs, lithium batteries and other battery components. Our products are used to provide mechanical reinforcement to the housed assemblies, and to fill small and larger gaps and voids. Our potting systems are also used to aid in electrical insulation, flame retardancy and heat dissipation. Epoxy resin also protects components from exposure to moisture, mechanical shock, vibration, and chemicals.

The Application and Challenge

United Resin was called to assist in the selection of an epoxy material for a Lithium Battery Pack application for an OEM. This lithium battery pack is very versatile and is being used to power many types of outdoor lawn and garden equipment. The manufacturer of this lawn and garden equipment came to us looking for a material that could be used on their production line. The OEM was looking for a material that would set up and cure to handling in 10-12 minutes, while other parts are being assembled on their production line. We started with one of our standard and time-tested base materials that has been used successfully for potting and encapsulation for many years. The cure time of this base material is generally 60-75 minutes. To reach the goal time of 10-12 minutes, our Research and Development formulated an adjustment to the base formula. Our goal was simple: meet the cure time asked by our customer, without sacrificing any of the physical properties or quality of this system. We were able to make the adjustments needed to realize the objective of our customer. Between making the formulating adjustments and changing the pre-heat process before the mix takes place, we were able to meet the customer’s cure time goal. Working as a team, we met the goals of our customer by developing a custom system for this OEM’s application, that cures in 10-12 minutes, exactly as they wished.

When you are faced with an epoxy application and you need a special system to fit your needs, call United Resin.

We will listen to you and work to accomplish your goals.